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Career & Educational Opportunities

Career Opportunities
Are you interested in working in an environment that is diverse, energizing and engaging? MATC offers a variety of job opportunities.

Current Position(s)

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Professional Development and Educational Opportunities

MATC Neurodevelopmental Services/Autism provides multi-disciplinary consultation for school age children and youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders. This service is provided to both schools and families. This program is located at 228 Maryland Street.


Building Connections (School Teams) - November 29, 2018


Understanding ASD from a developmental and core deficits perspective; and provides a relationship-based framework for increasing dynamic thinking and engagement.

Autism Foundations - January 25, 2019

In this workshop, participants will learn about:

- Diagnostic criteria, changes in DSM-V, and treatment options;

- Family supports and resources;

- Differences and impacts on social development;

- Difficulties with self-regulation and challenging behaviour;

- Challenges to engaging and performing at school.


Building Connections (Parents & Caregivers) - February 8, 2019


Understand developmental and core deficits perspectives; and provides a relationship-based framework for increasing dynamic thinking and engagement.


Sexuality and Self-Care Skills -February 15, 2019


Information, strategies and ideas regarding issues that affect adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder relating to sexuality, puberty and hygiene.


Triple S - "Scaffolding Student Success" - March 8, 2019


Tailored for school support teams to equip them with guiding frameworks to scaffold school engagement and performance of students struggling in the classroom


MATC ADHD offers a variety of workshops and conferences for families:

All About ADHD - see What's New for how to register


An Introduction to Sensory Regulation Poster